Melissa Rada - Digital Marketing Manager 1

Who's that girl?!

Melissa is a creative and passionate digital marketing specialist with successful experience in developing high-engaging strategies and content creation. 

Melissa holds a graduate certificate in Advertising – Digital Media Management, as well as an advanced diploma in Music Business Management from Durham College.

Look what I can do!

Social Media Management

I can take care of the strategy, content creation, copywriting, and scheduling so you can focus on your business while maintaining an active social media presence!

Digital Media Management

I can manage and maintain multiple digital channels including social media, website, and email to connect with current and potential customers. 

Web Design & Development

I can create a simple brochure site to something more complex using WordPress, Square, or Shopify. My goal is to develop something unique that a business can not only be proud of but will also build a loyal community.

My Creations

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I just have a lot of ideas — hire me!

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