Durham College

Part-Time Instructor

I instructed the Promotions & Publicity course in the Music Business program at Durham College, while the permanent professor took time off. I created and delivered lesson plans that followed a pre-determined course outline, managed and marked assessments, provided feedback, and maintained a positive learning environment.

This is the program I graduated from and it was a huge privilege to be able to go back and support the next generation.

Digital Marketing Assistant (Work Study)

During my time as a student at Durham College, I had the opportunity to work in the school's Communications and Marketing department as a Digital Marketing Assistant. From this role, I gained insight and experience into what it takes to keep the media and message rolling from a major institution.

In this position, I conducted competitive analysis' on surrounding colleges, wrote copious amounts of copy to aid in developing editorial calendars, gathered digital content, and carried out relevant research to assist senior staff.

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