Radar Digital Marketing specializes in building, managing, and maintaining multiple digital channels including social media, website, and email to connect with current and potential customers.

Radar Digital launched in 2021 amid a worldwide pandemic. It is the home of the founder's various thoughts and ramblings on topics ranging from developments in digital media to the use of the oxford comma.

The intent of this blog is to help small businesses improve and boost their digital media presence. Although small business is the focus, much of the information is transferable to independent artists of all types (music, visual, theatre, etc.)

Digital marketing has become the bottom line for many small businesses, though digital media management is the day-to-day function that keeps the media and messages rolling. Keeping up with the basics and building a well-rounded profile that leads to getting found organically is critical for businesses of all sizes.

Radar Digital seeks to not only inform but inspire. To force those who want to learn more about digital media to think outside the box.

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