Anja of Sweden

Content Creation

Discover the essence of modern femininity at Anja of Sweden, a women’s clothing store specializing in high-end streetwear style. The curated collection caters to women of all ages and sizes, offering a diverse range of urban chic and casual elegance. Embrace the intersection of comfort and sophistication meticulously selected pieces that empower women to express their individuality.

Since August 2023, Radar Digital has been crucial to Anja of Sweden’s content creation, expanding their role to include captivating Reels. Specializing in regular photo shoots, meticulous editing, and dynamic short videos, Radar Digital adds sophistication to the brand’s visual identity. From concept to final edit, Radar Digital crafts a clean and compelling visual narrative, now extending seamlessly into the lively realm of social media Reels.


Here are a few of my favourite Reels that I created for Anja of Sweden. Click to view the actual Reels on Instagram along with current engagement.

The model is Jen Aldred.

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