Culture Days in Scugog 2023


Culture Days is a celebration of arts and culture that takes place annually in communities across Canada during the last weekend of September.

The goal is to build connections and highlight the importance of arts and culture, while breaking barriers and making the arts accessible to everyone.

In 2023, Scugog Council for the Arts was selected as an Ontario Culture Days Festival Hub and was featured with 13 other communities. As a hub the arts council acted as a community lead on Culture Days events and partner with the regional division, Ontario Culture Days, to develop fresh and engaging programming.

Culture Days in Scugog took place on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 at Plamer Park in Downtown Port Perry. 

3K+ Attendees

Social Media & Content Creation

The approach focused on crafting visuals, sharing stories, and highlighting diverse events, weaving a narrative that reflected the artistic richness of Scugog. The goal was to invite the community to engage with and be a part of the cultural tapestry that made Culture Days a noteworthy annual occurrence in Scugog.

Reflecting on the job, the social media efforts aimed to capture and share the essence of Culture Days in Scugog, emphasizing its significance in showcasing Scugog’s artistic spirit. Through curated visuals and event highlights, we strived to foster community involvement, inviting locals to connect with the diverse creative offerings during this annual celebration of arts and culture.

Live Event Reporting

Highlighting the core of the Culture Days festivities held equal importance afterward. Utilizing the dynamic capabilities of Instagram Reels, we successfully conveyed the entire experience to our dedicated followers on the Culture Days social media platform.

The content amassed throughout the celebration will serve as valuable material for organizers to promote next year’s event, guaranteeing top-quality promotional content for upcoming Culture Days endeavors.


Landing Page Refresh

The existing landing page acted as a centrepiece that all social media followers were directed to for more information.

The webspage underwent enhancements to showcase the programs, activities, and partners for the 2023 celebration. 

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