Small Town Bad Album Release – ‘Live at the Sugar Shack’

Promotional Campaign

Small Town Bad’s debut EP, ‘Live at the Sugar Shack,’ released on February 9th, 2024, captures their raw, smoky essence in a London, Ontario studio. Founded by Fanshawe College Music Industry Arts Program alumni Tasmine Jane and Mitch Tones, the duo blends Canadian-Roots storytelling with backroad rock and bourbon blues love songs. The EP, recorded at The Sugar Shack, mirrors the intimate setting, showcasing powerful harmonies and a distinct sound that is truly their own.

Radar Digital supported the digital promotional campaign from strategy and planning to post-release marketing. The project began with the build of a comprehensive website that would act an as EPK and included media outreach across Canada.

Social Media & Content Creation

The promotional plan was intended to be driven by social media, utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Feed Posts & Stories

The graphics below were published to Facebook and Instagram. 

Short Form Video

The videos below were featured on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Click on an image to view current metrics on Instagram.

Website Design & Development

At the core of the launch was the creation of a dynamic website that would act as a central hub for fans and media.

The website seamlessly integrated features for streaming music, watching videos, and connecting with the band, enhancing the overall user experience. This thoughtful incorporation provided fans with a convenient and immersive space to engage with Small Town Bad’s musical journey.

As we strategically unveiled videos on social media, the website played a pivotal role in amplifying the EP’s digital presence. It became a key element in connecting with the audience, turning the EP launch into a shared experience that resonated deeply with fans.

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