Theatre on the Ridge Summer 2023

Content Creation & Social Media Campaign

Theatre on the Ridge is a theatre company located in Scugog, Ontario that creates theatre experiences for all ages. In 2023, Theatre on the Ridge celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Every summer the theatre company hosts a theatre festival  providing an “incubator” for emerging artists and an economic driver for local tourism and business partners in the community.

Social Media & Content Creation

To create a buzz around the upcoming summer theatre festival, a comprehensive social media strategy was devised. The goal was to not only inform but also to captivate the audience’s attention and generate excitement. This strategy encompassed a diverse range of content types, including photos and (many) Reels.

The social media strategy remained agile, allowing for quick adjustments based on the evolving preferences and behaviors of the audience. This iterative approach ensured that the content stayed relevant and engaging throughout the promotion period.

High-quality photos of past performances, backstage glimpses, and sneak peeks of rehearsals were curated to showcase the vibrancy and energy of the festival. Short promotional videos were created, highlighting key aspects of the festival – from talented performers to unique acts. 

Catchy headlines were crafted to grab attention and convey the essence of the festival. These headlines aimed to spark curiosity and prompt users to explore further. Each piece of content included a clear and concise call-to-action, encouraging users to buy tickets or share the posts.

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