Planning content shouldn’t be stressful. If you make a plan, to make a plan you can streamline the process and ensure that you always have content being pushed to your various platforms. Here’s how I stay on track:


Brainstorm! Nothing is a bad idea, just throw it down on a piece of paper or in word doc and keep going. Then go back through and pick 7 to 9 ideas and pull a catchy headline from each. Keep in mind the different formats available on social media these days. While you develop your ideas think about the formats that you can present them in.

PRO TIP: A brain dump is a fun way to start any project because it allows you to get all your thoughts out in one place so you can start you can create an action plan with fewer gaps.


Write the copy for each post. This is the copy that would be in a graphic and in the body of the post itself. Don’t forget CTAs and hashtags.


Start designing your graphics and collecting elements like example screenshots. Make as many as you can today, but don’t fret if you don’t complete a full week’s worth — there is always tomorrow!


Complete and revise! Use this day to finish any remaining graphics or videos from the previous day. Try to spend an hour or two max on this part. Next, revise everything you created. Never rush through a project and just throw it out t the world without giving a second or even third look. Seeing graphics you made at another point with fresh eyes can help you find mistakes and make improvements.


Finally, you can start scheduling all that content. This shouldn’t take too long, since you did the hard work earlier in the week. Use your preferred social media management tool to schedule, along with insights to determine the best times, and that’s it. You have completed a week’s worth of content with minimal to no stress.