If you’re not familiar with CTAs I’ll give you a quick rundown before we jump into their (major) importance on social media. CTA stands for ‘call to action’ and it’s exactly that, it calls people to take a specific action. CTAs allow you to tell people where to go in the nicest way possible. I’m talking about a landing page, of course! It could also be a question, asking followers to tag a friend, double-tap to like, or even DM you for premium extras.

CTAs on social media can take many forms but the most popular is the ‘Link in bio’. There should be a sentence or two that proceeds this ‘sentence’ but as long as you have something like this at the end, your copy will engage readers.

But don’t just tell people what to do, tell them why they are doing it — Offer some value. Readers care what’s in it for them so make sure your post passes the ‘what’s the point?’ test. The couple of sentences before ‘link in bio’ or ‘share this with a friend’ should give the people a reason to actually do so. This could be reading a blog post, subscribing to something, or getting tickets to an event.

Still, wondering why spend the time thinking of a creative CTA? Well, it’s another way to direct traffic to your website and by extension build up its authority. This could also mean more business opportunities as you gain more exposure.


  • double tap if you agree
  • turn on post notifcations to stay up to date
  • save this post for later
  • share this post with a freiend that would agree/like it
  • if you want XX result DM me
  • (ask a question) comment below!
  • check my link in bio for (oucome)
  • link in bio


  • contact us for more information
  • visit our website to learn more about this exciting XX
  • visit our website to see the most recent XX
  • visit our website to read (the latest blog post)
  • subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date
  • like/share this post
  • register for more
  • book a seat now, limited seats availble
  • watch this video to learn more
  • sign up for free now


  • use actionable langauge
  • give the message a bit of urgency
  • customize for each platform
  • be consistent
  • be claer, avoid humor
  • make it simple
  • offer an incentive (if possible)
  • alwasy be testing

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