Daily Instagram Engagement Checklist

by | Apr 27, 2022

You need to show up on Instagram on a regular basis with more than just fun posts and stories. Engage with your community and potential followers weekly and watch your own engagement and reach grow. After all, engagement breeds more engagement!

Here’s are some Instagram practices that you need to make a daily habit:

  • Identify and follow similar accounts
  • Like posts from similar accounts
  • Review comments on your own posts and respond
  • Like a few posts from each commenter
  • Like posts from hashtags related to your location and audience (ie: #YourRegion #SmallBusiness #SmallBusinessOwners)
  • Like posts from hashtags related to your niche or brand (ie: #SocialMediaMarketer #DigitalMediaSpecialist)
  • Answer all DMs
  • Write 7-10 meaningful comments on posts from new accounts that fit your target audience

Try to cap this activity at 10 mins each day, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. This nominal time commitment will make a difference as long as you keep up with it. If you cant find a few minutes each day, at least make this a bi-weekly exercise.

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