Hashtag Best Practices

by | Mar 13, 2022

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase without spaces that are preceded by the # symbol. Marketers tend to use hashtags to either join a conversation around a particular topic or create a branded community.

Hashtags help you reach a specific audience and likewise make it easier for people to find your information. Don’t be lazy with your hashtags or you’re wasting your time.

Not sure how to use hashtags? Here’s a cheat sheet!


  • use hashtags relevant to your content
  • use all 30 hashtags (this will depend on how established your page is)
  • use smaller, less competitive hashtags
  • take time to research your hashtags
  • create your own hashtags for brand, event, or campaign


  • use the same hashtag for every post
  • put hashtags in your comments
  • use hashtags that are too general
  • hashtag the words in your caption
  • use hashtags unrelated to the content


Just don’t do it. When you use hashtags on Facebook you look like you are confused about the platform you are on. They just don’t look right, or worse, overly promotional. Avoid using hashtags on Facebook.


Do use hashtags on Instagram. This is the place where they are meant to be used and perform best. Hashtags help build communities and help users find topics they care about. They also help you get discovered within the explore page ecosystem — truly the most powerful Instagram feature.

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