Simple Social Media Tip No. 10: Dominate A Platform

by | Dec 8, 2021

Figure out which platform your customers/audience spend the most amount of time on (ie. preferred news source) and dominate that platform. Basically, don’t waste time on Twitter if your audience is on Instagram. Claim your profiles on those other networks, but focus most of your time on the one that works for your business.

You can determine which platforms are best for your business by taking a look at insights for a specific page or individual post. Insights can show you the number of accounts you’re reaching and engaging with, follower fluctuations, and more. Compare the data on each platform to decide where you want to direct your attention.


You may have a post on Facebook that garnered 188 likes, 56 shares, and reached 5,500+ sets of eyes; but on Instagram the same post yielded 202 likes, 12 shares, and reached 1,400 or so people.

Essentially, more people shared and saw the post on Facebook but it had fewer likes. What this means is you have a greater potential and a larger impact on Instagram.


Once you determine the platform that your business really shines on, create content that is meant for that channel. Right now Instagram is prioritizing video, which we can credit to the popularity of tik tok. If Instagram is your focus, work on creating videos and reels. Make sure you use hashtags so you have a chance of ending up on the explore page.

As you go along you will begin to build authority on your chosen platform, which will lead to more followers and by extension potential customers. Remember not to isolate yourself to one platform, but rather create and push content with a specific one in mind.

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