Simple Social Media Tip No. 11: Embrace the 80/20 Rule

by | Jan 3, 2022

The 80/20 rule is present in many industries, across creative and practical endeavors. However, in the world of social media, the 80/20 rule relates to your content and how you present it. The rule states that 80% of your content should be useful — educate, inform, or entertain; and the other 20% to promote your business.

By providing helpful content to your audience, you’re able to give them something rather than just ask them to buy things. This allows you to keep their attention long-term and build a sustainable relationship so that they’ll continue to be loyal to your brand as their consumer needs evolve.

Although unavoidable, people don’t go to social media to see advertisements. People, for the most part, log on to feel some connection, be entertained, gain inspiration, or simply because they’re bored. If you’re able to provide the type of content that your audience goes to social media for then you are more likely to get a follow.

When you only post promotional content 20% of the time, it has more impact and users will be more willing to act on your message. When you post about sales, offers, and products too often it becomes very dull, which will lead to followers tuning out everything you post.


I recommend using a content calendar to plan your content. This will help you take a look at your plans at a glance to determine how much useful and promotional content you will be publishing. You can also designate specific days for these different types of content.

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