Why WordPress

by | May 1, 2023

Thinking about making a website for your website but you’re not sure which platform to use? I understand! There are so many options … What even is a self-hosted website? Why use WordPress over Squarespace?

While there are many CMS options available, WordPress has several advantages that make it the top choice for businesses, bloggers, and web developers. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the key reasons why WordPress is better than other CMS platforms.

Here’s Why

  1. Ranking

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform, so search engines like Google will rank sites made with WordPress slightly higher. SEO rank is determined by multiple factors, a big one is how easy it is for the bots to crawl. Due to WordPress being so popular and focused on user experience, it is easier to crawl and by default sites built with it rank higher. 

2. Easy To Use

One of the main reasons why WordPress is so popular is because it is incredibly easy to use. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, even those with little or no coding experience can create and manage a website. WordPress also offers a range of customizable themes and plugins that make it easy to create a unique and professional-looking website without the need for specialized design or development skills.

3. Flexibility and Customization

WordPress is an incredibly flexible CMS that can be used to build any type of website, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites. It offers a wide range of customizable themes and plugins that can be used to add features and functionality to your website. With WordPress, you can easily customize the look and feel of your website to match your brand and create a unique online presence.

4. SEO

WordPress is optimized for SEO, making it easier for your website to rank higher in search results. It also offers a range of SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO, that can be used to optimize your website’s content and improve your chances of ranking well in search results.

A Side Note on SEO

Another way to improve SEO is to build trust and reputation with search engines. My SEO teacher in college told the class ‘people trust what others say about you more than what you say about yourself’ relating it to how these bots think. When they see other websites linking back to yours it tells them you have a site worthy of people discovering and will rank it higher, these are called inbound links. They contribute more to your ranking than links within your site linking to other pages on the site. Inbound links can include your Facebook page linking back to the website, but it works better with blog mentions. Improving SEO organically is very much possible but it is a lengthy and tedious process.

5. Security

Security is a top priority for any website owner. WordPress is constantly updated with the latest security patches and features to ensure that your website is safe from hackers and other security threats. Additionally, WordPress offers a range of security plugins that can be used to further enhance the security of your website.

6. Community Support

WordPress has a large and active community of developers, designers, and users who are constantly working to improve the platform. This means that there is a wealth of resources and support available to help you build and manage your website. From online forums and tutorials to meetups and conferences, there are many opportunities to connect with other WordPress users and learn from their experiences.

Relevance also determines a site’s quality score (Google term) and thus your ranking. This is where keywords become super important. Search engines yield results based on the how well they relate to the user’s search. Having a site heavy with keywords and phrases that a potential site visitor may use is another effective way to optimize the site’s ranking. Keywords can be used in actual written content visible to visitors, as well as the metadata. 

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