Your Small Business NEEDS To Embrace Social Media

by | Mar 12, 2022

Is your small business still waiting to jump on social media? In January 2024 there were over 5 billion people were on social media. If your business is not on social media then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunity to be discovered and loved by buyers and clients all over the world.

Here are 5 reasons your small business should NEEDS to be on social media.

Engagement Leads To Loyalty

With social media, you can target the right customers at the right time. You can control what they see and potentially how they view your business. Social media also give you the ability to learn about your audience so you can show them what they want. When you build an online community you also build loyalty between your business and potential customers.

Valuable Data

What makes social media so powerful is its capacity to present a wide array of insights and analytics, so you can learn exactly who is looking at your content. Better yet, specifically what content is working for your audience. Whether your clients are on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn gaining access to this useful information gives you the power to react to trends and refine your content strategy.

BONUS: Your audience may also share your content on their feeds with people that share similar likes and dislikes.

Brand Awareness

By building up your online presence you are simultaneously building up your brand’s identity. The more often you share content with a consistent look, the easier it will become for your audience to identify your business on and offline.

Valuable Feedback

Social media is all about value — gaining it and adding it. Every business can benefit from honest customer feedback. And with social media, you can almost guarantee people will tell you how they honestly feel.

These reactions can be both positive and negative, but nonetheless valuable. They also give you an opportunity to make changes you would never have known about. So look at it that way, an opportunity!


Finally, social media allows you to be discovered. It has its own element of SEO that works across the platform you are on, along with on Google.

Google is always watching, so when someone goes from your social media page to your website the search engine takes notice and ranks your website accordingly in search results. The more traffic your website receives from social media the better because it tells Google your website is worth checking out.

It always comes back to reputation. Remember, people care more about what others say about you than what you say about yourself. Google works the same way.

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