Why Evergreen Content Is Powerful

by | Oct 8, 2022

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant over a long period of time. It’s content that will continue to drive traffic long after it has been published. You may be thinking, ‘isn’t all content still relevant after it’s been published?’, and the answer is — not really. Evergreen content is specifically search engine optimized so that traffic grows over time.

Types of Evergreen Content




Activity guides

Product Reviews

NOT Evergreen Content

News articles

Pieces about a specific holiday or seasonal event

Articles about a current trend

Essentially, evergreen content is content that does not have an expiration date and will retain its value over time. Evergreen content becomes increasingly powerful when combined with proper SEO techniques, so consider your keywords when crafting your content. You may also want to avoid using language that could date your content like:

  • Earlier this year
  • Last month
  • This year
  • Yesterday
  • 19XX
  • 20XX

You can get more technical with your evergreen content and determine keyword longevity using platforms like Keyword Explorer. Remember the whole idea here is traffic, so you want people to find your content.

If you want traffic consistently visiting your website, then you need evergreen content. Determine topics that people will search over and over again — just make sure it’s relevant to your business and brand. You can maintain the status of evergreen content by repromoting, repurposing, and reformatting for other platforms and directing back to your original blog post.

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